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Downlaod Kumpulan Stock Roms For Sony Xperia Device

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Stock Rom Collection Of All Sony Xperia Devices :
1. Sony Xperia T Stock Roms Collection:

LT30p_7.0.A.1.303_Generic DE.ftf

478,72 MB

LT30p_7.0.A.1.303_Generic DE.ftf

478,72 MB

LT30_7.0.A.3.195_3 UK.ftf

493,22 MB

LT30_7.0.A.3.195_Central Europe.ftf

467,21 MB

LT30_7.0.A.3.195_Generic CH (S1Boot-Update).ftf

468,19 MB

LT30_7.0.A.3.195_Generic DE (S1Boot-Update).ftf

491,17 MB

LT30_7.0.A.3.195_Generic ES.ftf

499,98 MB

Xperia T_7.0.A.3.195_James Bond (O2 UK).ftf

479,99 MB

2. Sony Xperia Ray Stock Rom

ST18_4.0.2.A.0.62_Central Europe.ftf

168,12 MB

3. Sony Xperia Mini Pro Stock Rom

4. Sony Xperia Arc S Stock Roms

LT18i_4.1.B.0.431_Generic World.ftf

376,22 MB

LT18_4.0.2.a.0.69_Generic DE.ftf

277,31 MB


219,96 MB

 5. Sony Xperia S Stock Roms

LT26i_6.0.A.3.62_NCB World.ftf

473,74 MB

LT26i_6.1.A.0.452_Generic DE.ftf

620,98 MB

LT26i_6.1.A.2.45_Generic DE.ftf

625,95 MB

LT26_6.0.A.3.67_Generic_UK_(1257-3921).ftf EA    

303,86 MB

6. Sony Xperia Live with Walkman Stock Rom

7. Sony Xperia Active Stock Rom
8. Sony Xperia Ion Stock Roms
9. Sony Xperia Sola Stock Rom

MT27i_6.0.B.1.564_Generic DE.ftf      

479,39 MB
10. Sony Xperia ZL Stock Roms

C6503_10.1.A.1.350_Generic DE.ftf    

756,71 MB

11. Sony Xperia Pro Stock Rom

MK16i_4.1.B.0.431_Generic Baltic.ftf

382,78 MB

12. Sony Xperia Acro S Stock Rom

LT26w_6.1.A.2.45_Generic NCB.ftf    

374,13 MB

13. Sony Xperia Arc Stock Roms

LT15_4.0.2.A.0.62_Central Europe.ftf 

168,88 MB

14. Sony Xperia V Stock Roms

LT25i_9.0.D.0.484_Generic NCB.ftf   

449,74 MB

15. Sony Xperia P Stock Roms

LT22_6.0.B.1.654_Customized NCB.ftf

468,54 MB


511,38 MB


579,56 MB

 16. Sony Xperia Play Stock Roms

R800i_4.0.2.A.0.69_Generic DE.ftf

255,47 MB

R800_4.0.2.A.0.42_Central Europe.ftf

182,39 MB

17. Sony Xperia U Stock Rom

ST25_6.0.B.1.654_Generic DE.ftf     

475,52 MB

18. Sony Xperia mini Stock Roms

ST15i_4.0.2.A.0.62_Central Europe.ftf E

158,53 MB

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